about hammer & kettle

Our mission: to foster community through craft coffee.



We started with an old-fashioned popcorn popper and a love of well-brewed coffee and hospitality. We are based out of Boise, Idaho, and thanks to loyal friends and family, we are now purchasing a commercial roaster to further our dreams of providing quality coffee to Boise! It is our mission to use craftsmanship and coffee to foster community wherever we go. Come along on our journey!



Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders — We currently order the bulk of our coffee from Bodhi Leaf, a company who values real relationships with their coffee farmers and their families and puts this into practice through Direct Trade.



After living and working at a coffee shop for several years, Tyler came to love the art of everything coffee. This love was already settled in his mind when he went to Africa, where he started thinking more about community development through coffee farms and shops. His passion and goal is to grow into a company that can impact our local community of Boise, while also impacting those of coffee farmers and their communities. By buying Direct Trade beans from companies like Bodhi Leaf Coffee Trader, he hopes to develop positive business relationships, community development efforts and sustainability movements. 



"Hammer & Kettle served our wedding guests pour-overs using their own roast and everything was AMAZING!" — Leanne Riley

"I love how Hammer & Kettle makes artisan coffee fit so easily into my every day routine. " — Emily Fisk

"This is one of the best coffees I have ever tasted!" — Terri Lacy

"Absolutely love the coffee. There is always something exciting coming from hammer & kettle!" — Trevor Hopkins




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the roaster:
Many of you know Tyler Lacy, and if you've ever chatted you know he has a passion for coffee. In launching Hammer & Kettle, he hopes to spread love, community and really good coffee.


Our coffee

We believe in sourcing only the highest quality coffee available. We strive to support, whenever possible, Direct Trade relationships which offer premium prices and greater income for coffee farmers and their families, as well as sustainable agricultural practices. We are constantly on the lookout for exceptional coffee from exceptional farms to offer you the best experience  possible.