Burundi Butegana| Single Origin

Burundi Butegana| Single Origin


12 oz Bag 

Tasting Notes: Cream, Dried Fruit, Red Wine, Vanilla

Roast Profile: Light/Medium

Continent: Africa
Country: Burundi
Region: Gatara Commune, Kayanza Province
Varietal:Red Bourbon
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1612Meters
Certification: Direct Trade

Coffee first arrived in Burundi in the 1920's under the Belgian colonial rule, and from 1933 every peasant farmer was required to cultivate at least fifty trees. Since then, coffee production has gone between being privatized and state ran with the tumultuous shifts in political climate and economic stability. In recent years it has shifted back to privatization, and with that shift a new wave of attention to trace-ability and improving cup quality has steadily gained momentum.

Burundi's geography is ideal for coffee production. The terrain is mountainous, providing the necessary altitude and climate for quality coffee. There are no coffee estates in Burundi, instead, coffee is produced by large numbers of smallholder farmers who are centered around any one of the countries 160 washing stations.

The Butegana washing station collects cherries from around 3700 local coffee farmers spread over the 15 neighboring hills. The Kayanza region is in the north of the country, near the border with Rwanda.

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